Kenlar PC Support
Computer Maintenance


Network Installation

Whether it's wired, wireless, local area network, wide area network, peer-to-peer or client server, computer networks are the lifeblood of most IT solutions.


Regardless of what type of computer network you have or want, Kenlar IT can design it, implement it and provide service and support on it.

Kenlar IT supports all components of the computer network, PC workstations, servers, Internet access, routers, WAN, and everything in between with onsite service and remote IT support.

Having a computer network will increase the efficiency of your users and your daily operations by leveraging your IT investment and having the ability to share almost any IT resource among all of your network users and provide access to:


  • Files and folders
  • Printers
  • Internet services
  • Wide area networks
  • E-mail systems
  • Company databases
  • Administrative services
  • Anti-virus solutions


If you currently have a computer network that you need service or support on or if you feel that your network is not doing all that it should or that your current service provider is not meeting your needs, contact us, we can help with onsite service and remote IT support.

If your interested in having a new network installed or if you have several computers that are not currently connected to a network, contact us to start realising the many benefits that a quality network can provide to your business.